Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fishy Injuries and Dubious Doodles

Just thought I'd showcase my newly gained injury--the cut was barely over a centimeter long, but the blade from the box-cutter I'd been handling cut in deep. I can't remember the last time I bled that much. How did the injury come about? I was selling fish for this roadshow that happens only once a month at the local commissary and was opening a box of snow crab when the box-cutter decided to bite me. It's all ready weird typing. It'll be a pain in the ass typing up the next chapter with this silly band aid. I can't bend my last knuckle.

Before that unfortunate incident, I did a drawing of Elmiryn in a sketchbook I had with me. I lose points for doing it on lined paper, but can't I gain points for doing a decent sketch? Along with this I've managed a few written pages for Chapter 2.4 which is shaping quite nicely, IMO. If all goes well, this coming week may see more than just one update!

Going to see How to Lose Friends & Alienate People today. I hope it isn't a disappointment like Burn After Reading...

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