Thursday, October 23, 2008

"It seemed that way..."

"What seemed to be the truth to me, was just a lie to you.

I can't concieve the way you think, the way you are, and more."

I finished writing the next installment. It was a little weird for me.  I'd try and explain why but that would ruin things in more ways than one.

I'll edit it later. Here's a preview for you guys.  Remember, this may be subject to change:

The next few moments Elmiryn found hard to tell anyone in any certain terms. Fighting, at its most heatest, was always a visceral activity. The pull and shock of limbs, the guttural cries, the smell of sweat and dirt mingled...In truth, much of the details of the fight had to be procured from Nyx later, who recounted it with ashen expression and a voice so meek that it felt entirely appropriate to call her a kitten. When asked why it was she could not recall the exact details of the event, Elmiryn explained in irenic tones that the images of the battle had all ready faded and the only thing left was an aftertaste of emotions and sensations that tingled her body.

She could recall, for instance, the instantaneous pull of her stomach at the sound of Nyx's inhuman screech. She remembered the risk she took, turning her back on the two armed boys behind her and flinging the steel bolt at the father like it were a throwing knife. 
Pain--which shot down her arm from the deep cut she had recieved. She remembered the crunch of dirt tickling her ears as one of the brothers behind her started forward, a growl rumbling in his throat. When she saw Nyx escape, Elmiryn felt a brief moment of relief warming her otherwise cold skin before she reminded herself that her companion was still in danger. The warrior then, adrenaline pumping hot through her veins and a vicious grin spreading across her long lips, drew her knife, ducked low, then launched herself backward into the charging boy, stabbing back with both hands.

And I found this picture on Deviantart.  I sort of freaked out, because the person looks so much like how I imagined Nyx IRL.  Hair color is brown, and their nose is a bit different, but for the most part...oh yeah.  It's Nyx.

Going to go play more Shadowrun.  And then maybe read more ToMU (so sad that I was distracted most of the time by someone ELSE'S web serial.)  Then I'll clean my house.  Watch another bad horror movie....blah blah blah

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